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Mental Health in society worldwide.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Sadly we are seeing more and more people suffering with mental health. This is an issue that is seen across the planet and has increased hugely since the start of the pandemic. Looking at this on a deeper level I wanted to write of my experience so far on researching and living, to some degree this aspect of mankind.

It's important to understand that there are many levels to the degree of mental health issues. Reasons why and the deepness to the suffering. It could be because of alcohol and drug abuse, childhood experiences, schooling, bullying, family, society pressures, welfare, verbal abuse. There is also the aspect of the soul bringing it's personality from past life's into this life and any suffering still there, along with DNA imprint and knowledge of suffering and pain. So all these three factors play a huge role in our health, physically and mentally.

We are at a stage of mankind of awakening, a process written about throughout cultures about this era. Where we see and need change in society to heal planet and ourselves. Many will sadly suffer during this pandemic, but ultimately this will have a knock on effect, leading to a want to change, heal, see truth and develop ourselves more.

The mind is powerful, we use a very small part of our brain. It is said that 90% of illness in the body starts in the brain. So, be aware and also protect your thoughts.

Trauma in life can lead to suicidal thoughts, rock bottom as i have heard it called. No sleep for weeks at a time, loss of appetite, racing mind, panic attacks, weight loss, crying or wanting to sleep for hours. There may be a few situations that lead up to this. Lows in life and then a catalyst of one event that breaks you.

Prozac is an anti-depressant used to help people through these horrific times which can leave a person feeling numb, not in control of their life, lack of emotion and feelings. Also side effects like hair loss and many others listed on the packaging. Taking these medications is not fixing the issue and going to the 'root' cause but masking it. I am amazed that we are so advanced in technology in our world but in medicine we are lacking the knowledge of making drugs without all these side effects. Surely something is wrong here. If a drug can't be made without side effects it shouldn't be licensed. Especially when the side effects are so severe. Medications should only be used as initial help for a minimum period of time only, while healing occurs through other means.

Smoking, drinking alcohol and eating fast food are as most people know so bad for mind, body and soul. They really must not be consumed if you want to help yourself with mental health and general well being. Alcohol is a depressant.

Bipolar disorder is another mental health condition where medication, usually lithium is given to those that have racing minds, vivid thoughts or a psychotic tendency. These visions can be very frightening and powerful experiences. Something not spoken of in mainstream society in the Western world or taught in schools.There has been a lot of bipolar diagnosis in society over the last 15 years. It used to be called ' manic depression'. I wanted to understand the deepness of the 'polar' aspect to it's name. A shift in consciousness towards 'God' high feelings and suicidal lows. I studied more on our connection with the planet and how we actually work with the planet, with food, our emotions being swayed by moon cycles, feminine energy, seasons, ley-lines/vortexes. 'Godly' mindsets and a shift in the wobble of earth on it's axes known of in the Vedas. Where mankind's mind also shifts during certain eras or Yuga's as we are flung around the centre of the galaxy.

Why is it, that in scripture you hear of 'Angels', Visions by prophets that could come across as far fetched. Messiah's hearing 'God's' word. Holy people warning of future events, The star of Bethlehem, writings in great detail that seem to be accepted as the norm, without query but if your regular person talks of hearing, seeing, experiencing whatever they might, they can be looked at as a insane person or one that needs medication, help and consoling. This is where I have a big concern with mankind suppressing 'God' consciousness. It would seem that if you believe that psychotic visions, sixth sense, realms and dimensions are for someone to be medicated or sectioned for illness then our main religions and faiths of the world were and are written by mad men. I think we have a serious problem here for the long term life of the soul, if we don't deal with the issues now in this life time. Mankinds consciousness will just get stuck and never develop. As a whole we need to develop and understand this situation more.

In the East, these experiences are known of and seen and treated as normal for soul and spirit to go through. The shaman, Native american, Aboriginal, African, Indigenous cultures also seem aware of these mental realms. Karma, conscious awakening of the mind, seeing into those realms, dimensions, opening up the third eye and the sixth sense are known of. It is also written of in certain scripture.

My interest became deeper with trying to understand and bridge a gap between 'God' and mental health. Society seems to have lost, misunderstood that opening the consciousness brings you closer to 'God' consciousness. Yes, you might wobble a bit but only because it's a new powerful experience that doesn't have a mainstream organisation for support and to help you through, to explain what this is and guide you safely.

Everyone will be on their own journey of opening and development throughout their life, so we are not moving consciously together as mass, we are at different stages but you might meet other like-minded people at the stage you are in. Mankind also uses more of the brain in certain 'Yuga' cycles, these eras of time are explained in the Vedas.

What I can see and understand, is mankind's evolution of creation and destruction throughout time, Yuga after Yuga, many of which we have been through. In certain Yuga's mankind is highly advanced [Satya yug-golden era] because of an open mind. Hence why so many ancient temples in India and other parts of the world are advanced in technology. Leaving archeologists and scientists puzzled of how they were built if mankind is the wisest and advanced it has ever been. We are all realising now that many once thought ideas of our world and past civilisations are now being re-evaluated.

We are in a dark era of mankind now, known as Kali Yuga/ Dwapara yuga {There is debate}. Where consciousness is closed to some degree. The cycles in Vedic scripture explain this.

I have seen a similarity between various cases in society and scripture. For example, when Britney spears {90's pop star} shaved her head in a manic episode of a mental health crisis. A want to shave the head is common. In Buddhism monks shave their heads to clean, cleanse, prepare body and soul, it's a new chapter in their life, to follow a certain path, system. This act seems to have a link for me. Scripture was after all, written by those that had experienced a cleansing, new beginning, inner knowledge and want for preparation for a way to manage the homo sapien heading towards 'God'.

Many may try acupuncture, herbal remedies, workshops, retreats, therapies, walking, cycling, holistic massage, reiki, healing, reflexology, Chinese herbs boiled up, tarot, clairvoyants to find answers. It can get rather expensive. You may look into all the main religions and faiths of the world and read scriptures. Turn up in all different temples, churches, tree hugging communities and try to find answers, connection, similar stories. You can go round in circles with no avail and sometimes at a costly process and none the happier or wiser. Hence why I strongly suggest, looking within for all your answers and then you may find others who agree with you, who have done the same.

Yoga gives you a shift in consciousness, a huge shift. Issues arise that need dealing with. A want for healthy foods kick in and you may not crave any unhealthy food again. Your sixth sense opens up and you see 'Truth' in the world around you.

I had an amazing experience in Glastonbury at an ashram I often stay at. I had finished a kundalini class and was lying on my bed relaxing. I had all my chakras open all at once. It was a tornado so powerful of rainbow colour shooting up inside my body to my third eye and then settling at my heart chakra. I was slightly scared, but only because of the power and force of this incredible subtle energy. Sometime later that year I came across information in Buddhist scripture about the 'Diamond' path to enlightenment and the Rainbow body.

This led me to search for a Yoga training school to enable me to teach and know more but i wanted to learn from source in India. I wanted to find male and female teachers to teach me to get both perspectives. Often, it's just male teachers of Indian origin. I wanted people who had grown up around yoga and were more from the villages of India, people that knew their trade because of it in their DNA. Not a company wanting to make a buck off this sacred knowledge or were not passionate about it, or more to the point, were winging it.

I had come across so many non- Indians teaching and preaching, which had made me feel uncomfortable at times as I could feel their discomfort in the studios too. I would ask deep questions and not get answers. It was a weird world I had stepped into, of people teaching me my ancestors knowledge. It didn't feel right. Here I was connecting to my culture deeply but being taught by non- Indians. I had the teacher at times and the other participants looking at me in yoga classes for guidance and asking questions. I found I was usually the only Indian in classes at times. I had felt such a huge link in my DNA and looked into scientific fact confirming knowledge is passed down in our blood. I felt I had found my roots, my culture, my home.

All homo sapiens I feel, can if they wish, take the Vedic knowledge and use this ancient holistic, natural system to live a healthy happy advanced life. The western world is so advanced in many ways with technology but the East has the knowledge we need now more than ever to bring our planet into balance and ourselves.

I see a missing connection and need for shared knowledge between western medicine and eastern medicine that we could do with discussing and bringing together for not only better understanding of man and health but for an option of healing holistically before surgery or medicating.

I realise now, that a healthy diet and the Ayurvedic medicine and constitution of a person is so important to know. An ayurvedic Dr. will take your pulse, look at the climate you live in, job you do, age and diet. He or she will then prescribe you certain asana specifically for you, along with specific diet, meditation and pranayama [breathing] exercise and review it every six months. It's important you eat foods in season, in the country you reside in. Our body and the climate and certain foods that grow in that climate work together and these foods, herbs, spices are needed at certain times and seasons of a year for your body's health and should ideally be eaten in your country of residence. Eat only when you are hungry and only small and often.

In the western world we have lived a certain way, because society has dictated this 'right' way of living, putting pressure on people to deliver exactly that. House, car, family, good job. Some are always looking at other people's lives through social media and comparing it to their own. It's so important to stop this. As a lot of mental health today is sadly because of this feeling of unworthiness and comparison. Along with now connecting from behind a screen instead of face to face, where we used to connect subtly with energy, frequency and feelings. The more we advance in certain areas, the more we are disconnecting in other areas of life. We must be careful to not disconnect to a degree we no longer feel, love, care, understand on a deep subconscious subtle level.

As for mental health in the masculine, I can see the struggle. Men are usually taught not to show their feelings, not to cry, to 'man up', This in itself is so damaging and can cause illness yet again in the body from keeping those emotions in.

I continue to study but this time alone, looking within for my answers as I had heard people say, look within. I hadn't understood what this meant exactly but now, I am doing my own searching and experiencing my 'truth' as it were. I know what feels right and I am walking my own path and sticking to it. This is hard to do in the western world. Especially when friends and family may not see what you see and feel. My advice is to stay strong in who you are. Once you find that 'truth' and peace don't let go. There is so much darkness and non 'truth' out there in society that you do suddenly realise once you start the yogic path. I have come across scripture that speaks of what I have experienced from within. So I know I am on the right track. I can see that others, thousands of years ago have also walked a similar path and connected deeply to something Higher in consciousness and then written this wisdom down. This was when I really sensed a deep connection and link to mankind, our consciousness and 'God'- what 'God' is and a deep level of our planet and ultimately the universe. There is so much to take in but I really feel a break through with answers I personally wanted.

I trained in India, taught my first class there and then travelled more, before returning to the UK to teach powerful 'meditative' classes to develop client's souls. I was unsure about teaching at first, only because I knew it was so powerful and was I really qualified to help another person develop their soul? When you are helping souls develop, that's deep stuff and a huge responsibility to some degree. After talking to my teachers and others about my concerns, I decided to continue. I feel that this craft is not for all to teach so easily. I think it needs to be maybe be better regulated. The gurus of my ancestors would choose their one disciple, as it were and work with them on an individual level over time. What we have here in the west, are classes of 20 plus clients doing mainly asana postures and no support system during or after class or balance in the body with the other aspects of the limbs of yoga.You need all the limbs, not just the asana for as it were knee issues. Working on one area will still mean imbalance. It sadly seems to have become a competitive sport of maneuvering into difficult postures for ego and wearing funky clothing. Designer classes with loud music and alcohol in some cases. The sacred scriptures have been taken by the west and added to, altered, moulded to a teachers wants to sell an idea and be different. This is a concern I see and feel. It is also disrespect to scripture. I would not do something similar to the bible.

I have put my unique routine together as I understand what the body and soul need in order to develop, to some level. I have not altered or added to asana or changed a technique. You need to do the work 'within' yourself, deal with the issues that arise and not suppress them again and your mind will open up more and more each time, revealing wisdom and knowledge and truth. Hence why I call my 'Yoga' 'Jnani yoga'- self realised. I can give you the 'tools'- and you will start the process. I do suggest maybe therapy along the way for some, to talk of the issues that will arise, but it's your journey. I do have satsang- [therapy chat] at the end of some classes, depending on class length.

If you follow a certain religion or faith, you may well see, feel, connect with those higher ascended masters but the 'Tools' are available in the Vedic knowledge to take you to that connection. Our Manual for mankind to live in peace and health on planet earth. The 'Vedas' are the oldest scriptures known of in the world, that other religions, like Hinduism have taken sections from to use in their teachings. I am truly grateful to our ancestors whom went far consciously to give us this ancient wisdom.

I link into the 'Vedic' knowledge more and more, seeing a connection of cultures across our globe throughout time. How we have developed and written down what is needed at certain eras for mankind. A process of evolution and development for 'Homo Sapien'. Scripture is there to help us, guide you, give you peace and comfort but as we know it can be misunderstood or misinterpreted as well. Scriptures are basically saying the same thing but in a different context from culture to culture throughout the ages, whilst being added to and taken from. I have felt a deep pull towards Buddhism because of various spiritual insight i have had. I also feel the Hindu Gods and Goddesses presence as it were. Jesus may walk with you, the 'Messiah' effect as known of in society today. Where some people can feel very high and godly. You are not 'God'- but if the spirit of 'God' is within you, you might feel you are. This is the spirit of God that enters you to support you. You hear of people being reborn, feeling Christ consciousness. The second coming of Christ, is this sensation in the body.

Just as you hear of spirit attack, possession, attachment in some cultures from negative or positive spirit. Needing an exorcist. There is divine spirit and negative. I could go deeper and explain guidance from negative and divine spirit but that's another chapter.

The Messiah effect is why you get some people believing they are the next prophet or 'God'. David Icke -a speaker on conspiracy thought he was Jesus at one point in his life. A well documented interview/event with Presenter Terry Wogan. Once people go even deeper and on further into their consciousness, they realise they are not 'God'- yet we all have the spark of 'God' within connecting everyone of us. 'God' is energy a state of mind....a high vibration, frequency. That can reside in the body with the soul. The trinity is- The spirit, The son and Holy ghost.

Avatars...The 'God' aspect in the human form. An advanced being, soul, developed mind, with wisdom and knowledge born on earth.

Heaven and Hell are states of mind as we know, there are many levels of each to varying degree. As the mind opens you rise up through Jacobs ladder for instance. Heaven and hell are also states of our planet. We have a soul and there is also spirit. These go together. So, your soul (what makes you you) sits inside your spirit (an energy field).

Different religions are a stepping stone of development. You may change religion or faith in a life time.

As you develop more and more, you will understand the journey you are on in a deeper way and past experiences that you may have on the journey will also make more sense. You will also connect with like-minded others, whom you need say no words to, you just get each other, it's a powerful understanding of conscious minds that words can't describe. This is also mentioned in scripture. Just by looking in another's eyes, you understand each other.

You will release past life karma and go through a process if you practise yoga. I will be honest, it is hard to do. It's not an easy path. We all have different paths yet similar ones and you need to be strong. Some will find it easier than others. If your consciousness does go into other realms and you do see, feel, hear aspects of other dimensions, this is not madness, but awakening of your soul. You just need the 'tools' and wisdom to stay calm, tune into the deepness, understand and process it. I would say, take your time, pull back with the yoga if need be especially if you feel the process is too fast, but the end result is not only so fulfilling, healing, blissful and peaceful, there is nothing better to do in this life than develop your soul, to not only have those tools of wisdom to enjoy this life and a peaceful, healthy,happy one but so as not to take this hurt, pain, fear, darkness, lack of wisdom into yet another life for you and your soul or carry it in your DNA that will be passed onto your children for them to suffer and deal with.

Mental health is not talked about because from what I can see, people all over our planet are having these very vivid experiences and going consciously into other realms, seeing into other dimensions. It's not always just a mild low or lack of energy, fatigue or society making you feel suppressed. Hence why the issue has been brushed under the carpet and not spoken of in depth in areas and communities. However, I do see more people talking of similar subject matter and a new collective conscious state is emerging.

I want to also mention, that taking Ayahuasca, DMT or any holistic hallucinogenic drugs to see into realms and take you to what some call quick 'enlightenment' is not advisable. You need the wisdom and knowledge that you learn in the process of slow opening. By taking the slower path it gives you the 'tools' to cope with the end result or hellish levels/ experiences you may encounter along the way as you open the consciousness. Remember karma is being released. Suffering can and does take place for some, the judgement of 'God' before you reach the 'heaven' of mind body and soul.

Take your soul into a new realm of existence for the rest of this life and the future and maybe into another place in our universe for your next life to come. May you find your 'Truth'.

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