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 'Yoga means union' It is the union of the soul with source. A form of developing to the highest level a homo sapien can. Yoga is a way of life, bringing certain practises (tools) into your life so you can live to your full potential. It is not just the asana practise in studios. With the practice of yoga you can not only prevent diseases and mental health issues but also cure them for yourself and for others.

                'Live your life to the full, mentally, spiritually and physically.

 With an open,developed, calm & wise mind you can achieve all you want in your life.

         Yoga will start you on that journey and grow you in astounding ways.' 

                                                                Heaven is a state of mind.

                               Heaven on earth is when the homo sapien attains full consciousness.

                                             For us all to attain 'Heaven on earth' yoga is our guide.


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