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Yogini Ju

                                       I am a Jnani yogini.
                                  Jnana means knowledge or wisdom. Jnani means self realised.
                                                 Jnana yoga is the hardest path of yoga.
I have a deep yogic life style, yoga is a way of life/living. I enjoy bringing my knowledge to my classes, workshops and satsangs.  I wish to help others on their yoga journey mentally, spiritually and physically.
I aim to give people the tools to live a healthy life style, with a routine of asana, meditation and pranayama that are available for all and can be practiced as often as they wish to keep the body supple and mind healthy.
 Sadly many people do not even try the practice of yoga because of the false idea it is all about manouvering the body into impossible asana. These deep 'contortionist' like asana were and are performed by the sages of 'yesteryear' because of a very deep development of mind, body and spirit. As well as years of practice.
                               There is a much deeper reason why these were and are performed.
 My classes are deliberately 'not' tailored to go to this level until I feel the mind and person on all levels is ready.
 I wish to bring a class to people that suits the majority rather than the minority. There are thousands of asanas, 87 main ones with 38 of them being enough to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy. So my classes incorporate these. Yoga is a hugely powerful tool for all mankind and not tailored for one type of person, race or culture. With it's knowledge and correct practice comes a development which in my eyes is vital for mankind to grow and ultimately evolve a better world and human being. Sadly some of the knowledge has been lost, hidden and destroyed over time but the world is waking up to its huge need and linking into it again.
 I have taught two separate ' Yoga and Meditation ' courses at Sutton college of further eduction Sept 2016.
 Along with two asana classes a week with detailed yogic subject matter at the college ( one for a mental health group and a regular mixed ability class. I teach for GLL (Epsom, Redhill & Tadworth) The Riverclub, Worcester park and '' As well as private one to one work.
 I organise and run small workshops and retreats worldwide and in the uk. I completed a MCKS pranic healing course Sept. 2018 Along with yoga I am a strong swimmer and free dive. I have a love for the outdoor 'fresh air' lifestyle and travel when possible to teach worldwide. I work for elephant conservation in Thailand and India, for a hobby and enjoy climbing various mountainous terrain and I study ancient civilisations.
                              I write and present documentaries on yoga and the conscious mind.
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