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                                               Meditative Vinyasa flow

                                This is a '75' minute class building you up gently but strongly to a deep flow.
                                            Chaturanga being included throughout the class routine.
                                            Introducing you to a specific ujjayi breathing technique
                                                           We start with a short meditation. 
     Then warm up followed by the varying sequences consisting of standing, balance, seated, final sequence, twist & savasana.                                                     Ideal for those that have some yoga experience.
                                                         Meditative Hatha flow
                       This is a '75' minute class of traditional 'Surya namaskara' ( A & B ) & 'Chandra namaskara' 
                   Followed by a routine of varying standing, balance, seated, final sequence, twist and savasana.
                                                         For Beginners as well as intermediate.
                            All mixed ability classes have beginner and intermediate variations of asana.
                         I also tailor my classes to suit the varying ability and asana needs of the students.
                                                     (as yoga is an individual practise) 
                        Making the practise exclusive to you. Hence why classes are deliberately kept small. 
                                      I design my classes with asana's that work on all the body.
                                   Including as many of the '12', '14' & '16' limbs of yoga as possible
                                        ie: meditation, concentration and pranayama exercises.
                   'Yoga nidra' & a short 'satsang' are included at the end of class depending on class length.
               As emotions are released during class the satsang (group circle of a chosen topic of conversation)
                                      is needed to release those emotions and develop the soul.
                                  All yogi's please provide own mats for hygiene reasons. 
                 Please bring a rug for savasana as your body temp drops & a block or meditation cushion.   
                                                        Yogini Ju
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