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                                                 'Meditative Vinyasa Flow' & 'Meditative Hatha Flow' 


       Yogini Ju is a specialist yoga teacher having deliberately trained in India.Learning from source with unaltered 'Asana' (postures) and from a lineage as far back as possible.This is for safety as once an 'Asana' is altered they start to no-longer have as deep an effect.  As homo sapiens we have lost our deep spiritual knowledge. We are far from source and need to return to it. Developing fast in technology but loosing the heart, feelings & energy connection from one human to another, in the process.

     As the soul develops through the practice and the chakra's balance and open, it is hugely important you are guided properly through your classes.Your safety is very important to me, not only physically but mentally and spiritually. There are various tools and techniques in the yogic knowledge for you to learn and use to do this.

   I have learnt from South Indian teachers who's lineage is over 20,000 years old and rooted in Shaivism,Shaktism,Smartism and Vaishnavism. 

My own lineage/heritage is of mainly South Indian descent. I combine my Jnani 'inner' knowledge with the study of various Vedic texts including the Tibetan yoga 'Vajrayana' scriptures. I connect deeply to Vasishtha's knowledge.The Solar Dynasty -Ikshvaku -The sun God-Vivasvan. Lord Rama and the Jain Tirthankara. 


I bring Indian knowledge to the western mentality, in a western format having been born in the uk and grown up here.My passion is also rooted in the sadly misunderstood and mystical deepness of the pre-vedic '64yogini empire' at Chausath Temple. I feel a deep link to this craft. I continue my development visiting India and studying frequently, so I can teach you deeper classes.

    I have worked worldwide teaching in Rishikesh (Yoga capital of the world) South India and the uk.

           Asana's were originally always practised in deep meditation.  It is this that makes my classes unique.

                                Allowing you to tap into your inner knowledge, which ultimately is your guru.                                                                                                   

   Yoga is a practice given to mankind thousands of years ago. To ultimately look after the mind, body and soul to the highest level. Taking you to full 'God/Open consciousness'.  It was devised way before religion and is not tied to any religion. Hinduism and other religions or faiths only incorporated it as they knew and realised the ability of it leading you to an open mind, that some call ' Full God consciousness'. An energy field in the universe that connects us all.


  By practising yoga correctly you open the 'crown chakra' lotus petals one by one. This guides and directs you to live a healthy, balanced, happy life as you attain wisdom and knowledge. 

My classes vary from '60', '75' or '90 minutes long.


     Please note :                                    


     The style of yoga I teach suits those with a fairly good general fitness.

      If i feel it is not right for you, I will direct you to the correct teacher and style.


      For specific healing or less physical ability, one to one is advisable. Please discuss             with me your needs.


                                    I am 'yoga alliance' Certified Registry ID: 166719 and privately insured.


                                          May your yoga Journey continue safely.

                                                      I hope to see you soon on the mat.





'Yoga is not about touching your toes.....its about what you learn on the way down.'
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